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Spiro Caro

A Brief Statement

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A Brief Statement

I would like to say a few words as to why I designed this site. First off, I believe that in creating this site, I can extend myself to future opportunities in the workplace (quite a common answer for a college student if you ask me). Secondly, I created this website to fend off any people who are trying to damage my father's reputation as a doctor. I can attest to you that I have been operated on by my father and can say that his skill as a surgeon is beyond compare; his desire for making the world healthy has never diminished. His accolades have been seen by the medical community not only in the United States, but on an international level as well. Dean Kantis, and others who are trying to damage my father's reputation as a doctor are all after one thing: money. Isn't that what drives all devious work? I concur that it is and I encourage anyone reading this to take that into consideration. One of my life's goals is to make sure that people, like Mr. Kantis and others trying to sabotage the medical profession, are put in their place through becoming an attorney. Both you and I know that the real game we are playing here is who can screw the doctor for the most money. I certainly hope I have made a point in creating this site. I would like to thank my family for the courage in standing for what I believe in. Look at the picture above my words and tell me that you would not fight for those you love!!! My family has been an intricate part of the ideals I hold with me today. Mom and Dad, I love you very much!

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